What happens when you cross a summoning spell from the dreaded Necronomicon of the Mad Arab with visions of far flung galaxies and alien races with a sprinkling of oddly expansive knowledge of conspiracy theories?

You get Josh Campbell, that’s what.

Born and raised in the sun parched suburban wastelands of Southern California, Josh currently lives with his wife and daughter in the deepest, darkest, most abysmal reaches of Orange County. Excelling at the art of story crafting from a young age, Josh’s style and passion began to blossom and grow when he was invited to attend the UCLA Young Writers Retreat for four consecutive years, and further developed his uniquely visual storytelling style during his college years at Brooks Institute of Photography, becoming known among his classmates and instructors of vivid and elaborate visual stylings in writing, set design, editing, and prop & costume design.

Josh has been deeply involved in storytelling for a number of years, primarily focusing on expansive and immersive role playing campaigns and LARPs for his local gaming circles and One World By Night. At one point, Josh has so little of a life as to run, or assist, in five One World By Night chronicles simultaneously while giving each it’s own unique flavor and theme and allowing it to integrate with neighboring chronicles almost seamlessly.

Gamers, you get it.

Now, having settled into a happy domestic lifestyle, Josh has opted to continue his long time passion of storytelling with the ultimate goal of becoming a published author; self published or otherwise.


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