Posted: October 1, 2014 in Uncategorized

So, over the past few weeks I’ve finally gotten my hands on the Pathfinder campaign setting and I have to say that, thus far, I’m a fan. So much so that on Friday I’m running my first Pathfinder game with a homebrewed world. Campaign blurb to follow.

On Akatavia, generations have looked up to the sky and seen the face of her celestial partner, Verin, dominating the night sky. With its lush green continents and sapphire blue oceans, it didn’t take much for one to believe the legends of bygone ages that once Elves, Dwarves, Gnomes and Orcs used to live on that heavenly partner before coming to Akatavia through the Way Gate on what the Elves call Tol Falas Minyar, or Island of the First Shore. Eons have passed since the Way Gate supposedly brought the last of the settlers from Verin, and since it has sat quiet, abandoned, and inactive.
Until now.
In the kingdom of Jol, the Union of Magi has found a way to once again bring the gate to life, and have begun sending settlers and explorers to Verin whom return with kings ransoms worth of mysterious ores, resources and tales of strange races and peoples. But this new found prosperity has increased tensions on the already strained relations with Jol’s rival, the Empire of Hoshrem, and whispers of the Empires armies and fleets are mustering to invade the Island of the First Shore  to allow them to assert their own claim on this new world.
Now, representative of the Royal Colonization Company are being sent through the Way Gate to insure that the crowns interests are protected on Verin as reports have begun returning of settlers disappearing and frontier towns being emptied and abandoned. Have Imperial agents made it through the Way Gate and begun attacking the crowns interests, or is there something else at work?

The campaign is going to be a mixture of the American Westward Expansion and classic D&D, and its the first tabletop I’ve run in several years, so I’m hoping everything goes well. Here’s to hoping!


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