Back In a The Saddle

Posted: September 10, 2014 in Uncategorized

Thats right folks, Josh is back in the game!

It has been a wild few months, but after a lot of discussion with the wife and her continued success at her job made us confident that I could resign from the delivery job that I had taken up to bring in some extra cash for the family.

Never mind the fact that I was working 6 days a week, upwards of 10 hours a day, and usually bringing in less than minimum wage every day after gas costs and car maintanance were taken into account, or the fact that my boss was an irrational abusive woman who’d driven out three other employees before I left.

Now I’m back to, what I have readily and delightfully rediscovered, is my preferred profession: a Stay-At-Home-Dad. I really enjoy being at home and taking care of my family, making sure they have everything they need. It also helps that it makes my wife infinitely happier to have me home, and a happy wife means a happy life to me.

Another great thing that this allows is for me to write more, and that means a lot to me. A project that I’m working on is to become a ‘published’ author, thanks to the wonders of E-Publishing. My goal is to get several shorts and collections up into Amazon and other outlets to get my work out there, and even make a little extra cash off the whole thing.

I’ll be resuming a fairly regular posting schedule from now on, so expect many more updates soon.

Thanks for sticking with me kids.


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